Case Study #5 Balanced Scorecard

Respond to the prompts below following the assignment requirements noted. Support your responses with authoritative and/or scholarly resources beyond the original case study.

1)Construct, based on your research and analysis, a balanced scorecard for SAS Institute which could be used to measure successful attainment of objectives. Describe how you would create the scorecard in a way which achieves buy-in by the team membership.

2)What are at least 10 measurable factors which could be periodically measured (e.g. monthly, quarterly, annually) and included in the balanced scorecard

3) Describe at least one factor which is important but which is also difficult to quantify. How would you monitor this important factor by using indirect but quantifiable information?

4) Describe how the use of a balanced scorecard can support continuous improvement in organizational effectiveness.

5)Describe how the balanced scorecard can promote a collaborative atmosphere for developing team consensus.

Assignment Instructions:

-Citation requirements: 2 authoritative sources per case study
-Word count (300-450 words for each case study response)
-APA formatting
-Title page
-Reference page
-Plagiarism submission
-Sources referenced are authoritative or scholarly.
-Application of the concepts learned to the overall assessment of the organization.
-Critique of SAS Institute based on the study questions provided.
-Additional issues directly or indirectly discussed beyond those identified in the case study prompts.

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