Compare and Contrast research study essay on the disparities of breastfeeding rates in certain communities

complete a 500-word compare-and-contrast paper on 2 research studies. The studies must
be about a similar topic (i.e. the use of topical treatments on sore nipples, disparity of breastfeeding rates in certain
communities, etc.). Please write using either MLA or APA format.
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Compare & Contrast Essay

The comparison paper should include the following:
• Citation of the studies
• Types of studies
• Is the hypothesis clearly stated?
• How was population selected and it is appropriate for study?
• Were there enough subjects?
• Were the subjects of homogenous quality?
• If randomized, what methods were used and did the subjects possess similar characteristics?
• Was blinding used or could the results be skewed by personal knowledge?
• Were assumptions made?
• Is the data true and accurate or could it be manipulated?
• Did the researcher prove causality?
• Are the results relevant clinically?
• Do the conclusions match the results?
• Are the results applicable to other groups or the population as a whole?