Comprehensive Security Program

Each team will select a specific organization they will be developing the security program for a hospital, college, government building, or 400-employee manufacturing plant.

Imagine you are a security manager in a large private security organization. You will develop a PowerPoint presentation on a comprehensive security program for a fictional organization. You will present this at your new employee security orientation.

Identify your selected organization.

Create a PowerPoint presentation consisting of 10 to 15 slides. Include a title slide, followed by an objectives slide, and end with a reference slide citing sources used. Use the “6-by-6” rule when appropriate, roughly 6 words per bullet with about 6 bullets per slide. Also, add approximately 30 to50words to the speaker notes, per slide, that support and explain the material within the slide.

Include information on emergency preparedness and procedures, the COVID-19 pandemic, access control, information security, violence prevention, fire safety, security alarms, closed-circuit television (CCTV) use, security officer weapons and use of force considerations, and local police response and interaction with security.

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