Consumers vs. Payers: Who Gets the Most Value?

To prepare for this discussion, use your state’s health insurance exchange website or the Massachusetts Health Connectorwebsite and simulate purchasing health insurance coverage for yourself and/or family.
Initial Post
Submit an initial post that includes the following:
Your experience of evaluating the state exchange’s health insurance options and how you decided what option is best for you and your family.
In addition to evaluating the state exchange’s health insurance options, provide a brief description of the exchange site you visited to help your peers understand your user experience.
Include the health exchange website that you used.
Incorporating choice architecture and behavioral economics, explain why the health insurance offerings are or are not of value to you. Include your thinking on key elements of health care services: provider access and selection, drug coverage, and hospital care.
Your initial post should be 500 to 700 words, reference at least two scholarly resources, and use APA formatting for citations and references.
Note: Your initial post must also be submitted as a Word document into the Assignment (For Initial Post Word Document Only).