1.In the Week 4 reading (Hasson, 2006), the role of the Board of Directors is discussed in the context of assisting the organization resolve disputes quickly and efficiently. In this topic post, ignore the author`s predilection for including a board ombudsman in this process. Rather, what value does the Board of Directors and members of the Board of Directors bring to solving problems and resolving disagreements? You may wish to mention the contrasting functions of the Board and management in your answer. (Article 4) 2-3 sentences 2. Examines the range of issues related to the commercialization of MGH`s technologies. (RiskCase3 article) 2-3 sentences 3. Discusses the debates surrounding the CSRL office mission and measures of its success as well as the impact of conflict of interest policies on technology development and commercialization. (RiskCase3 article) 2-3 sentences