Cultural Interview

Cultural Interview Paper

* Introduction – introducing the interviewee and his/her culture, as well as a brief explanation about why you chose him/her.

* Body of paper – reporting the more important and meaningful questions and answers, highlighting cultural differences and similarities to your own culture and cultural awareness. CONCENTRATE ON PSYCHOLOGY!

* Integrating at least two scientific (peer-reviewed) articles in the field of cross-cultural psychology, relevant to the interview or to the general subject, and referring to their insight and conclusions in a critical way. Feel free to refer to our textbook, if appropriate, as an additional source.

* IMPORTANT! How did you feel during the interview? What did you think about the cultural exchanges? What was it like speaking to someone from another culture?

* Conclusion – summarizing the interview from a cross-cultural perspective, emphasizing insight or understanding gained through the interview, and concentrating on the differences between your culture and your interviewee’s.

* Works Cited

* Attachments (transcript, pictures, maps, relevant documents)