Culture, Leadership and Innovation in Organisations

Installment plan: 1st installment – 10 pages by the 2nd of July, 2nd installment – 10 pages by the 10th of July. Assessment is by one assignment, a critical essay of 6000 words (100%) which integrates theory and practice. The assignment must include a clear structure with an abstract, a list of references. You must make appropriate use of journal articles and texts. References should follow the Harvard system . The assignment should contain: 1. A critical review of theories of the nature of organisational culture, including how it may impact on innovation, and how it may be affected by the leaders of an organisation 2. An examination of how culture influences behaviours related to innovation and change in an organisation of your choice 3. A recommendation as to strategies and actions that could be implemented (by you or by the organization`s leaders) to enhance or create an appropriate culture