Define what social media is.

Watch a webinar through Hootsuite! (or another media provided in the first Webinar assignment; be sure to reference – cite it in your paper – WHERE/WHAT webinar you watched.) All webinars should be at least 25-30 minutes; please include your webinar link in a reference at the end of your paper.
To watch Hootsuite videos you must have established an account (see instructions in Module 1).
Find a webinar from Hootsuite Social Media Webinars (Live & On-Demand):
You will be asked to register for the webinar; you will then receive an email with a personalized link shortly after.
**Write a review for the Webinar you watched. The report should be double spaced, 12 font at least two pages. You will be graded on content, grammar and punctuation.

IMPORTANT: Please relate your paper to at least one learning objective below:
Define what social media is.
Analyze how social media fits in communication models.
Evaluate attributes of social media messages.
Compare methods for measuring the effectiveness of social media platforms.
Analyze concepts and products of co-creation.
Apply the uses and benefits of social media, including the motivations for participating in social media.
Define how social identifies shape social media use.
Analyze the basics of social media network theory and research on virtual communities.
Demonstrate how to integrate social media tools and practices to create content for social media marketing strategy.
Evaluate the integration of social media into different cultures and cultural practices online.
Explain the role of social media practices in civic and political life.
Develop the patterns and trends shaping the social media landscape.