Describe a piece of theatre/performance that you would create to address that problem.

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In our Required Learning Resources and in the assigned Gateway into Drama and Theater Resource this week, we read and watched resources that deal with the ways people are viewed in the world and how stories shape our perceptions of self and others. We also learned about how theatrical styles and traditions emerged from ritual, as well as how theatre and performance are shaped by authors, artists, audience, and the spaces in which they occur. Throughout our resources, we have seen that theatre and performance often offer commentary on how we live and issues that those creating and performing see around them — the things they want to change. As the famous theatre artist Bertolt Brecht wrote, “Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it.” In this post, identify an issue in the world around you that you want to solve on a personal, local, or global scale. Describe a piece of theatre/performance that you would create to address that problem.

Note: Don’t worry about budget or scale. The sky and your imagination are the limits here.

For example, in our Required Learning Resources in the section “Case Study: Theatre and Public Health Education,” theatrical performance is used to solve a problem within the Hmong refugee community.

In your response, make sure to include:

What the problem is that you are addressing and why it matters to you and the world around you?

How would the performance you propose address it?

What would happen during the performance?

Where would it be staged (a stage, a found space, on the street, on the steps of town hall) and why?

Who is the intended audience and how will you get them to come?

What do you hope the performance will change?

What technique or idea from either the Required Resources or the Gateway Resource would you use in creating it and why?

Be sure to use the Gateway Resource assigned by your professor or you will be asked to resubmit your Original Post.