Describe how they present or manifest differently in patients.

Case #1 Maladaptive Negative Cognitions in Depression and Anxiety The purpose of this assignment is to get us to think of symptoms in a different way. From Table 1. on page 184 of the article, select a two maladaptive negative cognitions and research how they are maladaptive in depression and anxiety. Describe how they present or manifest differently in patients. I am not looking for cultural expression or other influencing variables, but rather, the many ways that any human being can express them. The goal of this assignment is for you to explore and think about anxiety and depression in ways other than, for example, nervousness, sadness or worry. Write about atypical or infrequently seen symptoms or manifestations. Consider behavioral, emotional and cognitive realms. In practice, we listen to patients and miss important points because we went to the encounter with preconceived notions of what a symptoms should look like How does knowing this affect or guide your decision-making? You must search and cite two peer-reviewed articles from the literature that explore your topic.