Describing a Quantitative Research Report

Select ONE current (within the last five years) primary research report from a peer-reviewed journal in your area of interest that utilizes quantitative research methodology.
(a) Discuss the purpose of the four main sections in any research report – the Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion.
(b) Then, dissect the quantitative research report that you had selected to identify and summarize the following elements and provide the page number in the report for each of the following:
– the problem addressed in the study (research problem)
– the theoretical framework,
– the research questions,
– the population, and sample,
– the tools for measurement,
– the design and research procedures,
– statistical tests, and
– the findings.
– the limitations in this study.

You may use a few other sources as support to your main source.

See Appendix B in the syllabus for the grading rubric. Your paper should be between 5-6 pages, excluding the title page and references,
and adhere to the APA referencing style and format.