Discuss at least three leadership “laws” or principles from 21 Laws that relate to your Approved Organization, and explain how they relate to the leadership topics you address.

Final Paper
The final paper covers the topics discussed and presented in the course. This assignment is due in Unit 7. See the grading rubric for the final paper (Appendix A) for more information.
Prepare the Final Paper using the following guidelines:
Each chapter of your textbook highlighted one company for closer study. You may select one of the companies to further research for your final paper. The companies are:
• Facebook (Chapter 1)
• Amazon (Chapter 2)
• Uber (Chapter 3)
• Disney (Chapter 4)
• Alibaba (Chapter 6)
• General Motors (Chapter 8)
• Wal Mart (Chapter 9)
• Google (Chapter 10)
• Accenture (Chapter 11)
• Merck (Chapter 12)
• SAS (Chapter 13)
• Whole Foods (Chapter 14)
• Soundcloud (Chapter 15)
• Elon Musk (Chapter 17)
• Shell Oil (Chapter 18)
Alternatively, you can select any other company or governmental agency that your instructor approves. Other possible companies include Costco, Chick-Fil-A, Hobby Lobby, etc.
• In Unit 3, you will submit your selected company or governmental agency to your instructor for approval. You must submit a brief (no more than one page) abstract of your paper in which you explain/summarize the focus of your paper (see requirements for paper below) and include a link to at least one article upon which you relied in deciding on your topic. Once your proposed company or governmental agency has been approved, you are not allowed to change unless approved by your instructor. No changes will be allowed after Unit 4 since an outline of your paper is due in Unit 5. The approved company or governmental agency is referred to hereafter as an “Approved Organization.”
• In your paper, you will apply the leadership topics you have covered in your textbooks (Bateman et al. and 21 Laws) to the particular Approved Organization. At a minimum, you must address the following items with respect to your selected topic:
o Background information on the Approved Organization. Your background information should include such details (e.g., organizational structure) about the Approved Organization as are necessary to understand your application of leadership topics. If any individuals are important to your analysis, identify those individuals, the positions held or association with the Approved Organization, and the role/influence the individual had with the leadership topics you selected.
o Select at least three leadership topics discussed through the course to apply to your Approved Organization. Explain how each leadership topic relates to the conduct of business by the Approved Organization. Include definitions of key terms that apply to your discussion.
o Discuss at least three leadership “laws” or principles from 21 Laws that relate to your Approved Organization, and explain how they relate to the leadership topics you address. Identify, discuss, and apply specific Scriptures to support your discussion.
o Identify any potential risks/threats, emerging issues, etc. that may impact the Approved Organization in the future, and discuss the approach that should be taken to address such risks/threats/issues.
• Requirements:
o 3,500 – 4,000 words
o Minimum of 500 words (Christian worldview discussion included in total words)
o APA-compliant formatting (7th ed.), including title and reference pages
o Minimum of six scholarly references (not counting textbooks and the Bible)
o Turnitin similarity index should not exceed 20%
o The proposed company/governmental agency must be submitted in Unit 3 for approval by the instructor prior to the student continuing any research or writing.
o References page in APA format (7th ed.) must be submitted in Unit 4.