Discuss ways to find and connect with potential interviewees.

As part of your class project, you are required to complete a minimum of three (3) expert interviews in support of your class project. Interviews should be conducted via Zoom.
Experts are individuals who generally work in government and are knowledgeable of your policy area of interest. Other potential interviewees might also include individuals who work in non-profits to address your policy issues or researchers who study that issue. We will discuss ways to find and connect with potential interviewees.

I must approve your list (in your abstract) of potential interviewees before you you contact them to request an interview.
Interview Guidelines
Contact your potential experts. When contacting individuals, please:
Inform them that interview is in support of a class project on intergovernmental relations but their responses will not be made public (i.e., published) without their approval.
Prepare questions that are meant to answer important questions about your IGR policy area.
Follow-up to thank them.
Take notes during the interview; feel free to have a classmate take notes and return the favor for them.
Write-Up Guidelines
Write-up your notes as a brief, bulleted summary (no more than two pages) that covers the individuals most important points. Include these interview summaries as an appendix in your final paper.