Discussion: Fatalism or Freedom?

Instructions (Please Follow Carefully)
(1) Review the file The Myth of the Cave.pdf.

(2) Look up Plato’s Myth of the Cave on the Internet for additional help in understanding the story. You should find the full text as well as diagrams and videos. (It is also called the Allegory of the Cave).

(3) Navigate to the discussion questions below and respond to the following:
(a) Write 150 to 200 words (three or four paragraphs with at least five observations) contrasting fatalism (determinism) and freedom. Use the four-step course methodology of understanding, analysis, evaluation, and application.
(b) You may use Plato’s Myth as your illustration for application. You may also want to try the synthesis step by coming up with your own new paradigm for this concept (and your own illustration).

Please write out each question, before you provide an answer or response to it.