Discussion Question-Constructivist Lenses

For the week 4 discussion, after you have read chapter 4 of the Tracey and Morrow text, please respond to the following question. Your responses should be at least 500 words and follow APA7 writing guidelines. You must first post your response, and then will be able to see what others have written. All learners must post to at least two colleagues’ postings to receive credit for the weekly discussion. The weekly discussion question(s) will open on the Friday before the next week, so you have time to work on them over the weekend. Each learner must post their initial response to the question(s) no later than WEDNESDAY of the week it is due, and then respond to two of your colleague’s postings. This is important, so you receive feedback from your colleagues. Just a reminder that completing the discussions are required by ALL learners and will only be open during that week. They will not be reopened.

Discussion Question:

What is Transactional/Reader Response Theory, and how is it reflected in reading instruction and reading research?
What are Psycholinguistic Theory and Whole Language Theory, and how are they reflected in reading instruction and reading research?

There is a book I have online that is used. The chapter can be sent!