Discussion Thread: Financial Feasibility

Supporting your post with the course text and two outside resources, create a new thread with your name in the subject and provide thoughtful and original discussion on the following Research Questions (RQs).

RQ1 – A close friend, church member or family member has come to you with a business plan and is asking for an investment in what seems like a great idea. You have the money to invest and their financial forecasts show a positive return on investment over the next three years. PICK TWO of the following FOUR items and explain how you would evaluate their financials and business plan relative to this area. What questions might you ask and how would you evaluate their responses?
Projected Cash Flow
Profitability/EBITA/Operating Margin
Startup Costs and Sources of Capital
Sensitivity and Risk Factors
RQ2 – List and explain one guiding Biblical principle you would consider while making your decision whether to invest and/or partner in this person’s entrepreneurial startup.

***** Any sources cited must have been published within the last five years.*****