Review the various topics and readings studied in the nine units of this course.Instructions: You are to choose 3 topics covered in the course, and write a draft of a 500-700 word (approximately three pages) reflection essay in which you identify and explore the possible relationship of these topics to your area of study, your work and life experience, or your education. Six sources (2 per topic) are required.
The paper must incorporate support for each topic area with at least two external reference sources; a minimum of six sources must be included.
Remember, the focus of this first draft is to try to establish interesting connections between sociology as a field of study and the world in which you live and work.
Activity/Competencies Demonstrated Grade
Presentation /20
a. three suitable topics as covered in the course are incorporated
b. each topic has at least two suitable reference sources
Critical Thinking /70
a. connect5s personal experience to the social world
b. analysis involves multiple perspectives, supported by relevant literature
Writing Style /10
a. evidence of organizational structure and attention to readability and crediting of sources
Total /100