For this assignment, please read the article from The New Yorker on Estonia (Estonia, the digital republic), the Accenture report on digital government (A digital government perspective), and the article by PwC (Seven trends in digital government). Then, search online for more information on e-Estonia, taking notes as you go along. Make sure to list all sources in your bibliography (see rubric for requirements).
Provide a thorough investigation into the benefits and potential challenges for e-Estonia. Take into consideration the technological, political, social, and cultural environments that are specific to Estonia—your analysis should go beyond general comments of technology requirements and instead be explicit and applied. Bullet points or a table are fine, as long as you explain each point.
Consider the topic of cybersecurity in relation to e-government as it was mentioned in the articles and report. Also read the CBC article on cybersecurity issues within the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) (Tax worker fired after biggest privacy breach at Revenue Canada).
With these resources and specifically the issues for CRA in mind, research e-government initiatives within Canada or in another country that address security problems they encountered. Review the issue, the (proposed or implemented) solution, and any information on the success of the measures taken. Give your own recommendations for contingencies that the Canada Revenue Agency should consider to help potential future breaches and issues. Make sure to cite and reference all sources used, and to support all your conclusions and recommendations with sources.
State which trends you anticipate for e-government in the future. Which government departments will likely be successful at implementing digital technologies, and which will not be? Justify your answers with sources from your own research.
Again, please make sure that you are referencing any sources in correct and consistent APA format.
Academic sources are required to successfully inform and complete this report. No less than five academic (scholarly) sources should be included in the bibliography and cited in the report. No less than eight sources total should be used for this report. This does not include the sources given in this module.
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Points Allocation
Maximum Points:
Benefits and challenges for e-Estonia; consider external environment
Security prevention measures/contingencies for e-government in Canada or abroad; recommendations
E-government trends
Clear and concise; easy to understand
Correct grammar and sentence structure; no typos
Report structured with headings and paragraph breaks
1500 words (+/- 10%)
At least eight sources total; at least five academic sources