Early Christian Cultures

From the list on page 9 of the Study Guide, choose one or two of the pairs of episodes that appear in both Mark’s Gospel and Matthew’s Gospel. Identify specific differences in how the stories are told. How do these differences and their context within each Gospel reflect overall differences between the two Gospels, like those I discuss in the Study Guide? Look closely at differences in the wording and structure of the episode, and at how it fits into a particular context (what happens before and after?) in each Gospel. (2 paragraphs)

Use three specific examples of differences to compare the accounts of Jesus’s Passion (his arrest, suffering, and death) in Mark (chapters 14 and 15) and Matthew (chapters 26 and 27). Select differences that are significant, relevant to the meaning of the story, and that, together, reflect overall contrasts between the two Gospels and how they describe Jesus’s Passion. (2 paragraphs)