Elon mask sinking in? Case analysis

Hello. I need a report based on case study about Elon Musk. The file attached under the name “Final assessment – case study” gives case study and detailed instructions of what is needed. I also enclosed 3 presentations with materials covered in class under the name lecture 5, lecture 7, lecture 8. Information given in the presentations should be analyzed before starting to answer to case study question.

There is also file under the name Report template , the template should be followed in the report. There is also a file attached under the name “report writing” where all the information is given of what is expected from the structure of report and the sentences. All sentences should be written logically and in academic way.

There is also a file under the name “high grade sample” which can be used as a hint.

Lastly there is also a hint on references under the name UOW harvard where all details are given how the citation both in-text and in the references should be done.