Employee payroll

A company pays its employees on a weekly basis. The company has three types of employees:

Salaried employees, who are paid a fixed weekly salary regardless of the number of hours worked;
Hourly employees, who are paid by the hour and receive overtime pay;
Commissioned employees whose pays are 20% of the week’s sales
Create a console-based object-oriented Java application that:
Calculates weekly pay for an employee. The application should display text that requests the user input the name of the employee, type of employee, and the monthly salary, or hourly rate, if it’s an hourly employee, and hours worked for the week.
For hourly employees, the rate will be doubled if it’s beyond 40 hours/week.
The application should then print out the name of the employee and the weekly pay amount. In the printout, display the dollar symbol ($) to the left of the weekly pay amount and format the weekly pay amount to display currency.
Implements a feature that allows the company to reward selected salaried employees by adding 10% to their salaries. Your program should display an asterisk (*) to the upper right of the weekly pay amount, and a note stating bonus added below the table, as shown below:
Name Class Hours. Sales Rate Weekly Pay
James Hogan. Salaried $3,300.00*
Jennifer Waltz Hourly 45 $10.95 $547.50
Moly Smit Hourly 32 $15.00 $480.00
Joan Han Salaried $2,600.00
Marry Butler Commissioned $10,000.00 $2,000.00
TOTAL $8,927.50

*A 10% bonus is awarded