Endangered Languages / Discussion 2: Languages and the Natural World

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We’ve already talked quite a bit about the importance of local languages for culture and identity. Our question for this week is In what ways does the extinction of local languages threaten the study of the natural world?
In roughly 150-200 words, citing one or two specific examples from the readings in Harrison and Conner, talk about the ways in which local languages encode useful information about the natural world, and whether or not this information can reasonably be salvaged before these languages become extinct. You will not receive full credit for participation if you do not address the material covered in the readings, citing them by the author and page numbers.
You will also be expected to offer a response to one of your classmates. This can take the form of a counterpoint (disagreeing with your classmate’s position, and offering evidence to the contrary), or a supporting argument (offering additional information to support the claim of your classmate). For this response, you need not be limited to the material covered in this week’s readings.

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