Erickson’s Stages

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Your assignment will be to find an article in the Journal of Personality that relates to a topic in this course and write a paper, 2-3 pages double-spaced in 12 point Times New Roman font. Use APA style for citations.

Topic: Erickson’s stages of development and how it effects personality.

For this assignment, select any article that looks interesting to you from the past decade of psychological research in the field of Personality. The article must describe psychological research. After reading the article carefully, complete the following steps in a 2-3 page paper.
a) OVERVIEW: Provide a written overview of the study; explain how it relates to the class topic. If the article reviews multiple experiments, select one experiment to focus upon.
b) HYPOTHESIS/AIM: Describe the main hypothesis of the study – what were the authors trying to prove by doing the experiment?
c) METHODS: Explain the research method used in the study – how did the authors design the experiment (i.e., subject sample, procedure, measures)?
d) RESULTS: Describe the results of the research – what did the authors find?
e) REACTION: Share your reactions to the findings (think about this carefully)…
f) APPLICATIONS: Be creative and describe any possible applications of the findings – how can the results of this study be used?
g) LIMITS: Describe what you think are the flaws or limitations of the study – use your critical thinking here!
h) IMPROVEMENTS: How would you improve the study – suggest any changes in design that you might make if you were asked to redo the experiment.
i) FUTURE RESEARCH: What’s the next question that needs to be answered based on this study? What further research is needed in this area?
j) SUBMIT THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE along with your paper.