Experience (Brush) you had with power

Experience (brush) you had with power
Determine your essay question in relation to a term related to power to compose your thesis
Examples of this brush with power could be getting a promotion, attending a protest, or even observing a police interatction. Other options could inlcude, meeting a celebrity, attending a sporting event, or learning to navigate public transportation in Chicago, etc.

Essay Structure:
PARAGRAPH ONE: Problem Paragraph[thesis]…. about a problem with your experience with power
I beleive and I want you to believe that….
PARAGRAPH TWO: Definition paragraph……defines a key term related to power

Analyze two quotes[one quote per paragraph] from our POWER handout.

sentence of each paragraph should connect the point of the paragraph to
the thesis or its stage of development in the essay.
see three parts to this simple sentence structure: 1. last name of the
writer, 2. a verb, and 3. the topic of the quote. Two neutral verbs that
are most useful are “states that” and “discusses”
students to only quote one sentence at a time.
PARAPHRASE: Recast the
quote into your own words to allow the reader to know what you think the
quote meansHere’s a sentence stem can help get you into a paraphrase:
“This quote means that….” Just finish the phrase and you will have your
paraphrase. Often, you will want to
eliminate the sentence stem after completing the sentence
four sentences should explain why this quote adds meaning to the writer’s
argument. For a beginner, a sentence stem for
interpreting can be, “I agree/disagree with this quote because….” Another choice could be, “This quote
supports my thesis because…”; again, this sentence stem is preferably
eliminated once you have composed your main point for this part of the
SENTENCE—This single sentence wraps up the paragraph and makes a reference
to what needs to be discussed next.
This sentence is not always necessary.
PARAGRAPHS FIVE and SIX: Focus on a story (your own personal one or a larger community story)
FINAL PARAGRAPH: So what? to your reader