Explain how Malcolm and King’s approaches differ and how are they similar?

Use at least one other thinker (your choice) from the course to help make your case. For example, how might invoking Hobbes or Machiavelli (you do not have to use these thinkers specifically) help demonstrates dynamics in the analyses of King and Malcolm that might otherwise go unnoticed? Avoid the “commonplace” analysis (warning: we will be discussing the commonplace at great detail in lecture so it will be particularly bad if you reproduce it in your paper). Requirements: Four to five pages, double-spaced. 12 point Times New Roman font. One-inch margins. Name, date, and title single spaced in the upper left-hand corner. Do not include the course title or my name (I know who I am). Use textual evidence. .doc and .docx file types only!

Please use Hobbes, Machiavelli and Aristotle. The paper I uploaded is kind of an outline.

The speeches from MLK and Malcolm are “By any means necessary” and “letter from birmingham jail”