Explain the impact of technology on the criminal justice system

Part 1: Case Study Matrix

CJ216-1: Explain the impact of information technology on the criminal justice system.

Locate a case in the news that involved law enforcement using technology to solve the crime. Then download and complete the Case Study Matrix.

Download and complete the Module 1 Part 1: Case Study Matrix.

Use appropriate grammar and spelling when completing the worksheet.

*Note* The case study matrix was completed and assignment submitted. It requires editing/rewrite. Copied below is notes from the professor indicating what the assignment needs to be considered completed. The case study in its current form has been uploaded. Please research and add the additional requested information indicated from the professor and utilize 2 additional sources in doing so.
A blank Matrix has also been uploaded should you decide to utilize it.

Additional Information Required By Professor:
Feedback on your case study is that it is missing a lot of information. In your resubmission you will want to add more to the summary of the case. How did they focus in on Joseph Holt 30 years later? Was he a suspect previously? When was the case solved? You mention that he died in 2014, but how did they have his DNA? Most law enforcement agencies do not have the ability to use genealogical databases for DNA testing of suspects. There can be a search warrant issued, but they would have to get a judge to recognize there is a significant danger to release “health information”. Usually our DNA profiles come from the DNA stored once someone is convicted of a crime and in a few states those who are arrested for specific violent crimes. In your case study for next term, you will want to add to and explain how this case was solved with a deceased suspect 30+ years later.