Explain the use of evidence-based leadership to support innovation.

Video Message to Staff Directions: Part 1: For this assignment, you will prepare a 5-minute message to your staff explaining your vision for building a culture of effectiveness. You will film yourself as if you are actually presenting the message and sending it out to your staff. Explain the use of evidence-based leadership to support innovation. Provide a brief overview of lessons learned that help support innovation. Analyze the importance of supporting the development of high performing teams. Conclude with highlights about creating a culture of effectiveness with high performing teams. Part 2: In addition to the actual video submission, provide your video script in APA format using four scholarly sources to support your opinions and ideas. PLEASE WRITE THE SCRIPT/MATERIAL AND I WILL READ IT FOR THE VIDEO. THIS IS FOR A DNP CLASS NOT MSN. ABOUT MYSELF: I AM A MENTAL HEALTH NURSE PRACTITIONER FROM LAS VEGAS, NEVADA. I WORK AT A CLINIC WHERE I TREAT PATIENTS ACROSS ALL AGES FOR MENTAL HEALTH DISORDERS AND ADDICTION. MY DOCTOR OF NURSING PROJECT WILL BE DEVELOPMENT OF COMPLIANCE MONITORING PROTOCOLS FOR CHEMICAL DEPENDENCY PATIENTS ON SUBOXONE BY IMPLEMENTING 2 INTERVENTIONS: 1) RANDOM BLOOD DRAWS FOR SUBOXONE AND METABOLYTE LEVELS 2) TRANSITIONING PATIENT`S FROM SUBOXONE FILMS TO SUBLOCADE ( BI WEEKLY OR MONTHLY INJECTIONS) TO BE ADMINISTERED AT THE CLINIC. PLEASE NOTE THIS ASSIGNMENT IS FOR A DOCTOR OF NURSING (DNP) CLASS NOT MSN.