Explain what the Feminist approach to Biblical interpretation is about.

Explain what the Feminist approach to Biblical interpretation is about. (Also called Feminist Biblical Hermeneutics or Feminist exegesis). What is their purpose ? What is their method? Name some of the Catholic feminist scholars who use this method.Demonstrate your understanding of two hermeneutical methods by explaining the respective methods and applying them to select passages or books in the Bible to obtain meaning. Critically evaluate both methods. Draw some conclusions from your analysis and discuss the wider implications.
Describe the Historical Critical method – include key elements.eg Authorship, when it was written, the purpose, the social, political and religious background and redaction.

Apply this method to selections of the Gospel of John to demonstrate your understanding of the method.

Describe the neo- orthodox Feminist (liberationist) critical method and apply it to selective passages in the Bible to derive meaning from that perspective.

Discuss the significance of the meanings for the Catholic faith for both methods Provide evidence from Church teachings. E.g. Interpretation of the Bible in the Church.

Critically evaluate the methods and draw some conclusions that address the wider implications from your analysis.

To Analyse is to consider in detail. To analyse with perception is to situate both methods in the wider framework of Christian Hermeneutics and /or its impact on the Catholic Church.