Final Synthesis Assignment Youth & Adolescent Development

Final Synthesis Assignment
This assignment is intended to help review key terms/concepts/theories. It is highly recommended that you read the chapter relating to your topic BEFORE you commit to completing this assignment.

For this assignment, you will Create An Original Visual Representation that will help others in class understand key terms/concepts and important theories.

Please read instructions carefully.

Provide a description of ANY THEORIST or RESEARCHER described in Chapters 1-13 and briefly describe their THEORY or MAJOR RESEARCH FINDINGS. Provide specific page numbers from the course textbook that describe the theorist/theory/researcher/research
USE ANY KEY TERM from the text (Chapters 1-13) and relate the term to your theory or research study. Provide specific page numbers from textbook
Describe how the theory/research and term relate to the EARLY-LATER EXPERIENCE DEBATE OR NATURE-NURTURE DEBATE OR CONTINUITY/DISCONTINUITY POSITION first introduced in Chapter 1 of your textbook (1 point).
Provide a VISUAL REPRESENTATION that summarizes YOUR ORIGINAL KEY POINTS & clearly describes the image for the class. This illustration MUST BE AN ORIGINAL IMAGE, PHOTOGRAPH OR ILLUSTRATION. Please do not post a photo, image or illustration you found online.
Finally, synthesize and critically evaluate the theory by telling the class whether or not you agree/disagree with the perspective/research findings and why/why not