football / math / physics / desire to learn and just me as a person

i have a few thoughts on how I want my college essay to be and the main idea I want to write about, ill write a bit about me and what I want to be written in this essay and id like you to put it together in a creative way but here are my thoughts jumbled up:

about me ;
– I love football
– math and physics are my favorite subjects and what Id like to take in uni.
– i love learning, i like to learn something new everyday, i believe knowledge is the key for achieving goals and being successful in life. the willingness to learn can never stop me even when I’m graduated with a doctors degree. i never can get enough of it the skies the limit.

my rough idea / what i want my essat about:

– imagine a movie scene, the guy is playing football and is about to make the perfect shot, although no one around him sees it, the movie shows us how he imagines a degree angle in which he is going to hit the ball , and there’s mathematical equations all over the screen to show us how he’s analyzing everything about this one shot before he makes the perfect goal — that is what i think perfectly describes me and its what i want to talk about in relation to me.

– when I’m playing football and my eye is set on a ball/ i start thinking of the maths and physics behind all that, i think about the speed I’m going at before the kick , i think about the degree to which I’m standing and the angle to which I’m kicking the ball. is it going to be a soft shot or a hard shot?, how strong am i hitting it?

– i don’t just kick the ball , I’m not just playing for the fun of it, yes i do enjoy it but i see way beyond that, i find a way to incorporate my knowledge into it.

-i always with everything i do, try to learn new things and apply my knowledge and skills with every thing i do in my day to day life. every chance i get i want to learn something or apply my knowledge.

– i find how the world works so fascinating. the more i know, the more knowledge i have , the more i see how things fit it together and the more i can apply certain knowledge i know in what i do in my daily life so i just cant ever get enough of learning.