OVERVIEW:This assignment will require you to review a real Office of Inspector General (OIG) audit report and write a case analysis as well as a corrective action plan (CAP) based on your selected case. You must address the issue(s) that were identified during an OIG Hospital Compliance Audit selected from the link below. OIG conducts compliance audits on many types of entities, so reports are available for all types of healthcare settings other than hospitals, including home health, hospice, pharmacy, laboratory, provider offices and more. The focus of this week is fraud, waste and abuse in the hospital setting to choose a hospital case, but I encourage to read others for an understanding OIG compliance in all settings.
Choose a recent hospital compliance review conducted by the OIG. Reports of these reviews are found on the OIG Hospital Compliance Reviews web page: https://oig.hhs.gov/newsroom/podcasts/hospital-compliance/ Links to an external site.
Write a paper of at least three (3) full pages in length addressing the issue or issues. Be sure to concisely share the details of the case and analyze what went wrong, how and why, and how to correct the issues. Include a proper introduction and conclusion. The paper should, at a minimum, address the following topics or points of discussion (in paper format, not in bulleted format):

1. Why did the OIG perform this review?

2. What were the main issues identified during the review?

3. What was the hospital’s response to the report?

4. What corrective actions would you put in place?

5. Which of the seven elements of an effective compliance program were lacking in this case? How would you ensure they are effective as part of your CAP?

Cite information from at least three (3) credible sources to support your ideas. Include at least two (2) other sources besides the OIG report. A different page/link from the same website will count as one (1) reference, even if listed as a separate entry. Information must be from a credible source, such as databases, journal articles, books, association websites, newspapers, etc. Wikipedia is not a credible source for academic papers.

Include both in-text citations in the body of the paper (Author[s] Last Name, Year) AND include a page of all references cited.

Format your paper according to APA style. Include a title page, running head and reference page. An abstract is not required and will not count towards page count but will be graded for format and content. Refer to APA style resources as needed, here, or at: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/ Links to an external site..