Hotel Operations

Hotel Operations
In your studies for this course, you learned about the major areas of responsibility for which hotel GMs are held accountable, including but not limited to proper planning, organization, leading and controlling your hotel’s operation. For this assignment, you will apply those concepts to “build” a hotel and to propose sustainability and control programs.
Assignment Imagine that you are the Hotel General Manager of a hotel that you helped to design. Create a Power Point Presentation that includes:
Your role as the Hotel General Manager
As the Hotel General Manager, describe your responsibilities and explain your role in achieving business goals.
Build your hotel
Select a name, identify the number of rooms, service level (Full-Service Vs. Limited-Service), and specific location. List any amenities, restaurants, or services offered.
MUST explain why you selected these.
What differentiates your hotel from others found in the chosen location?
Organizational Chart
Identify each division, departments, and positions in your hotel on an organizational chart.
It must start with you as the General Manager.
It must include at least 6 top executive positions and their departments.
Sustainability & Energy Conservation
Explain the importance of Sustainability & Energy Conservation in the lodging industry in reducing your hotel’s carbon footprint.
Present 5 initiatives you would like to implement in the hotel. Explain each in detail and explain why you think it is important. You MUST cite research or data that supports your recommendations. Your essay must include one in each of these categories:
Recycling/ Waste management
Guest Room Supplies
Consider the implicit and explicit controls needed to efficiently run a hotel.
Explain each category
Guest Related
Provide 2 examples of each category