How can students improve their reading skill by using Metacognitive strategies

I need you to write me 2500 words essay about How can Metacognitive strategies help students with their reading skill.

But first i need you to wrrite me a 250 draft review of one of the articles that i uploaded below (remember to follow the aims below) and you must sent the 250 words review to me in only 40/60 mintues after i hire you. if i like your short 250 words article review then i will let you continue writing all the 2500 word.

I need you to follow these aims below
1 what comprehension problems
learners face with reading skill
2 define and
describe what metacognitive strategies involve
3 discuss how these metacognitive strategies can help learners with this skill

Make a section in my essay for each of the aims above.

teacher have sent me very usuful resources which i will upload for you
to use it. Please make sure you use all the resurces that i uploaded and also please don’t add any new resources without telling me first because i don’t want a
resource that has nothing to do with my topic.
I also need you to mention the page number for each in-text citation ( My teacher said the page number in the in-text citation is very important please don’t forget that)
Remember that the deadline is tommorow at 8:00 AM

Thank you.