How much African American have contributed and continue to contribute to the evolution of science and technology by their inventions that changed many ways of lives. Describe how and why many are kept unknown.

You should only use scholarly sources and the paper should be written in APA format. The expected length should be at least a 7–8-page document with all references not included.

What I am expecting you to do is the following:

A) Make sure you learn about the APA format. Your final writing should reflect the rules of that format.
B) Your presentation needs to show the sources as you are writing the paragraphs. Make sure you display all your findings in the order that shows your mastery of the topic, with in mind how to solve racism issues in America.
C) The summery in your conclusion is expected to show consistency with the whole insight.
D) Make sure you have at least one page for your references. The one-page reference should not be part of the mandatory 7-8 pages of your work.