Human Resource Management 4

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Imagine the managers of your company neglect to delegate tasks, and as a result they are not meeting their goals. After an assessment, it is determined that an improvement in management skills is needed. Two outside training programs are identified that will meet your company’s needs, one involving experiential programs, and the other an interactive computer program. Explain the pros and cons of each technique, and decide which one would you choose and why.
Why is it important for organizations to provide diversity-training programs? What goals can be achieved through this type of training? What special requirements, if any, should be part of the training in order to realize those goals, and why?
Who should be involved in the orientation of new employees? Is it appropriate to provide orientation programs solely online? Why or why not?
Read “Managing Talent: How Google Searches for Performance Measures” at the end of chapter eight and answer the following three questions.
Analyze Google’s approach to performance management. Does it meet the five criteria for effectiveness of a performance management system? Does it maintain the company’s mission to organize information and make it universally accessible? Explain and support your answers.
What errors could occur in Google’s collection of performance data on managers, and how could these errors be reduced? Use experiences from your own career or from other sources to support your answer.
How would you present performance feedback to managers so as to promote the managers’ success at the company? Explain the rationale for your recommendation.