Imagine, you have been called to give a special presentation.

Research and wrtie 4 pages. Teacher does not want more then 4 pages so please only write 4 pages.

Part 1:
Imagine, you have been called to give a special presentation. You know that in the past social, economic, and political problems have been addressed by social movements–ordinary people who organize themselves and wage struggles (campaigns) for change. During this presentation you must identify the three major issues facing working-class people in the United States.

How do these issues affect working-class communities in general, AND how they affect working-class communities of Color?
In what way do you see these issues as related to past historical social problems that were discussed throughout the course?

Part 2:
You must also identify 1 existing social movement and/or political organization that is currently engaged in struggle to address the three issues that you identified.

their approach to change, and discuss what you think they need to do in order to create a more socially just country. How will such organizations help working-class people in general and working-class communities?
Who does the organization represent? Who are its members?
What does the organization do? What issues does it address? Do you think it can and should do more?
How is the organization structured?

For this final assignment you will need to do a little research. You can use any of the material provided during this class. You will also need to search for additional information.

Examples of kinds of organizations:
Political parties
Labor unions
Community organizations
Student organizations
Some Resources (there are many many more out there). These are some popular resources that I use. These are “left-wing” and “progressive” resources. Because we are talking about social justice, resources are always classified as “left” and “progressive”. You do not need to use these resources. I am just providing them as courtesy.

links you could use for research below but feel free to use any

Podcast: David Harvey’s Anti-Capitalist Chronicles