Innovating the Future of Electric Transportation: A Study on the Design and Development of a Novel Solid-State Battery

The report will be graded based on technical content as well as format and presentation as follows:
Abstract (10)
Intro (20)
Main content (30)
Conclusion (10)
Format, style and language (20)
Reference (10)

The report should consists of the following sections:

Cover page
Table of contents
List of tables
List of figures
List of symbols
List of Acronyms
Motivations and objectives
Literature survey

The report is a critical literature survey. The report must be specific and technical. For example, instead of writing on the evolution of gas turbine engines in civil aviation, instead you can write on the advantage of using a turbofan as opposed to a turbojet, and discuss the necessity of cycle optimization to achieve lower specific fuel consumption. This means your report must provide details on how to conduct cycle computations, provide the TS diagram, discuss the equation of specific fuel consumption, etc.

Make sure that all of your references are from reliable sources, i.e. journal papers, conference articles and textbooks. There is no specific number of resources that you must use for your literature review// The literature review is self-driven and therefore you must be able to assess yourself what is necessary for you to read about in order to write a comprehensive report and convey a clear and concise message to the reader.

Some resources you may reffer to are:

Find more sources like these and cite them with IEEE standard