International Brand Management – Burberry’s brand development

Report Brief
Your task is to select a luxury brand and write a report on its strategic development. The brand must be a well established luxury brand. You are required to critically exam the brand’s strategic development by following the
four steps that you have learned in this module. Based on your analysis, you need to draw recommendation(s) for
the luxury brand’s future improvement. Your report should generate an in-depth discussion and it should be
supported by concepts covered in the curriculum and from related academic literature to underline the four
Your reading material should cover academic journal articles and books. These may be supplemented with
evidence from other source materials (e.g., online material, popular press), and specific examples to illustrate your
points. All source material should be appropriately referenced and included in the reference list.
Marking: Your performance on the assignment will be marked according to the University guidelines. You must
consider the following areas in your assignment as the marks will be awarded accordingly (though not necessarily
equally weighted).
a) Your choice of luxury brand should be available in the market, and there should be enough information
readily available to support your report.
b) The main task of the report is to examine and analyse branding activities according to the four steps in
the strategic brand management process. You can selectively discuss one or more main feature(s) of the
luxury brand for each step.
c) You should provide brief recommendations to state how the luxury brand’s branding strategies could be
improved in the future. Your recommendations, however, should be derived from the analysis featured in
the main task.
d) You should demonstrate your abilities to generate an in-depth discussion, conduct appropriate analysis
and show evaluative skills in the report.
e) The report should be completed in a coherent and consistent manner. Relevant literature from academic
journals should be reviewed. You should also provide a range of evidence for the quality of the critical
Format and Word Limit
A report should be written with a clear purpose and presented with evidence, analysis, and application to a
particular issue. The information should be outlined with a clearly structured format and applied with sections
and headings to ensure it is easy to follow. The main features should follow a report structure, which comprises
an executive summary, introduction, main body, conclusion, and reference.
Each student is required to submit a single-spaced typed report of no more than 4,000 words (excluding tables,
figures, images, content page, executive summary, references, and appendices). Relegating large sections of text
from the main report to appendices constitutes a misuse of the word limit.
Your report should be clear, concise, and well-structured. You should provide labels for any diagrams or tables,
and if they are taken from a particular source, details of that source should be provided. If you have any queries
about the format, please discuss these with your lecturer.