Intro To Computer Science

Listed below are topic(s) I would like for each of you to discuss throughout the week. Refer to the textbook, weekly materials, and/or the GMC library when researching the topics for this Discussion Forum. Put your writing into your own words, do not copy directly from the source. If you incorporate external resources ( in your posts be sure to cite ( them properly. Lastly, review how to paraphrase and quote resources before you begin posting (
Discuss the digital divide in terms of access to computers and other digital devices as well as the Internet and telecommunication infrastructures. Discuss the purpose of the ICT Development Index (IDI) in relation to the digital divide. What are some of the social concerns related to the digital divide and how are these being resolved? What are your thoughts on the digital divide in your community and how it is being resolved?
Consider that you are in the market to purchase a new computer. Research to find several computers that will meet your needs currently and into the future a few years. Discuss some of the specifications and components that will be required in the computer that you purchase. Describe the computer that you selected and the reasons for your selection as the best computer to meet your needs.
Task 1: Create a new discussion topic on or before the due date in the Course Syllabus -> Course Schedule by clicking the ‘**REPLY HERE**’ post below. In your reply, you will post your response to the main topic. Your response should be a minimum of 150 words. Going over the minimum word length requirement is acceptable; however, I am not looking for 500+ words!