journal entry 2 international management

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Subject: Premium Writing

Locate a recent* article(s) or video(s) related to an international management topic, Your journal entry should be 450-500 words, double-spaced, APA 7th ed. format. A title page and abstract are not required; however, a reference page is required.
topic:the foreign exchange market
*Published within the last year.
In the first paragraph or two of your journal entry, summarize the article(s), video(s), etc.
In the following paragraph(s), apply, analyze, and evaluate what you learned. Make connections with eBook content
For example: Apply (when possible): Interpret your findings. What information has been presented and how can it be applied? How can the knowledge be used in new ways, i.e. to illustrate or solve problems, forecast events, predict, etc.? Analyze your findings: compare and contrast/differentiate, break down, distinguish between the parts, etc. Evaluate: weigh, critique, judge, argue, defend, distinguish, question etc. your findings and views (supported by facts).

Conclusion: Overall, what is the relevance of the article, book, etc.? What are the implications for international management?
the only resources you can use:
The Wall Street Journal
BNN Bloomberg
Times of India