Lab 2: Statistics

Excel Assignment
Objective: To formulate hypotheses and use appropriate statistical analyses to test the hypothesis formulated, to use Excel to do data calculation, presentation, and analysis.

In the paragraphs below, four different research questions addressed by students and faculty here in recent years are described. For each of these scenarios, you need to: state the overall hypothesis, give a specific prediction, use Excel to test that prediction with an appropriate statistical analysis (record both the type of analysis and its results in your word file), create a figure (graph) in Excel that displays the data, and briefly summarize the findings in a narrative. You should create a Word file that gives the hypotheses, predictions, statistical test and results, displays the figure and provides the findings in a narrative. Turn this in to the assignment box provided on D2L by the due date and time as given in your syllabus. You must do ALL FOUR of these.