Local Colonial History

For this week’s participation activity, I want to encourage you to think about and do a little research on the colonial history of the place you presently live or where you grew up.
Step 1
Start by watching the mini-lectures!
Step 2
Do a quick internet search of the colonial history of the place you live/grew up in. Be a bit discerning with your sources, and look at multiple different sources to broaden the perspectives you are getting.
This is one excellent source
(Links to an external site.)
to find more information about indigenous peoples and lands in the Americas in particular (click “settler labels” on the bottom right of the map to see w current names of cities/states)
Step 3
In 100-125 words, tell us more about the colonial history of this place (you are welcome to write in either a short paragraph or bullet points). To guide your response, try to answer these questions:
Who are the indigenous peoples of the land you live in or call home?
What did historical colonization look like on that land?
What did historical decolonization or resistance look like on that land?
What are the ongoing legacies of colonization on that land? What has been the impact to the people, the land, and the ecosystem?
What were 1-2 points raised in lecture that help you understand this legacy of colonization more?