M3 Project: Interview vs. Interrogation Submission folder

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In this project you will distinguish the difference between interviewing and interrogation and explain cognitive interviewing. These concepts are important in crime scene investigations to establish rapport with victims and suspects as well as elicit types of information to solve crimes. Preparation is the most important factor in successful interrogation and can help you gain a confession.
Specific instructions for this assignment are found in the Assignments section of the appropriate module in Content.
Submission Create a summary of the difference between interrogation and interviewing.
Write a paragraph on the importance of cognitive interviewing and when and how it should be accomplished.
After reviewing the explorations relating to our crime scene, pick one suspect to interview and write out ten questions that are interrogatory in nature.
You can use MSWord to complete this project.
Use Times New Roman, 12 pt. font and double-space the project report.
Use proper APA formatting for citing your source(s).