Making Sense of Our Poets- (Semester Draft Only–no Professor Draft)

Compare and contrast in detail at least two authors’ works from Weeks 1 through 7. For a third author, if you would like to compare and contrast a third author to the other two, you can use another author for those weeks just mentioned. (You can analyze a work by our authors not in our modules, but only if you attach that work as an appendix, to the end of your essay.)
In your conclusion, make a generalization (See Generalizations page in Week 6 Module),
For that generalization, say, “One thing we can say is true about both authors’ works is . . .” and say what that one thing is.
Four pages (at least), double-spaced, MLA FORMAT.
Use all the material you collected for Scrapbook #1 and #2 to help you. You might use Crystal’s Study Guides and Crystal’s Scrapbook examples to help you. Be sure to use specific authors we have studied, and use details, maybe even quotes, from the poems, stories and essays you have read in order to back up what you are saying, That detail is the key to success for this essay.
Use the most perfect content, grammar, spelling and MLA format you can do. Your essay will be judged on all of that, holistically, in other words, how does your essay come across overall?