Media Journal

You are required to find one current Canadian media news source article that is relevant to the topic of
social policy. The chosen media news source article should describe a current or proposed social policy
within Canada.

provide a critical analysis of their chosen news article addressing the
following areas:
• A description of the major theme(s) of the article.

• A critical analysis that demonstrates the following:
o Discussion of the policy making process as it relates to value driven policy making, including
the application of Rein’s Model of Social Policy Analysis (input, conversion process, and
output) as described in “Introduction to Canadian Social Policy (Powerpoint).pdf” and on pages 173-175 of Canadian Social Policy: A New

o How information contained in the media article can be linked to concepts from current
course material or other social science theories you may have encountered in other courses.
o An evaluation of the political ideological perspective represented within the article.
o also include questions raised regarding the terms of objective reporting and social
discourse, need for further information, and how this article can be linked to the assertion that the
personal is political from either your experiences with this policy or those of the subject(s) of the

FORMAT INSTRUCTIONS: journal entry is to be a minimum of three pages in length and formatted according to APA style,
proper referencing and citation (where appropriate), a title page and a reference page. This also
includes a clear introduction of the assignment, body, conclusion, and written using college level writing