Media Memoir Parts 1 and 2 Assignment

You will choose a “media” of your choice. You can choose ANY kind of media including books, Netflix series, social media, music, video games…Just be sure and choose something that has had some kind of impact on you in some way. For example, I have had students write about learning English from American radio. Others have written about making friends playing online gaming. Still others have written about the negative impact of social media in their lives. Part I-
Personal impact- You should begin by given some background about the media you
choose. You can choose a specific song, game or book—or you may use a more broad approach
and choose a genre or music, game or book series, or the like. Use the following questions to
help you create this portion of the essay.
How did this particular media impact you? Why did it appeal to you? (Which tools of
language, aesthetic, plot, or image did they use?) Did these texts show you much of
what your culture would expect, tolerate, or condemn in your behavior? How has this
digital progression fostered or restricted your knowledge of the world? Consider your
digital culture today: how has it evolved from the one you knew when you were young?
Has it given you a connection to others you might not have known? Has it pulled you
away from others you might have connected with?
(This portion should be written in 1st person– your point of view– and should be at least one
page.) For part 2 Find a review of your “chosen media” online. Then, read the
notes on summary and write a summary (including the MLA citation of the article you chose)
(This should be written in 3rd person, at least one paragraph in length and must include MLA
citation . ) Try to Find a review of your media online. For example, if my media was Bob Marley’s music, I would Google, “Review of Bob Marley’s Music”. Be sure the review you find is from a reputable source and not a blog. Then, you will use the Summary notes below to help you write a summary of the article you found, and be sure and include the correct MLA citation for the article as well. Since most of you will choose “pop culture”-type media, it is okay this time if the article is not necessarily “scholarly” but do not choose a blog, if possible. This was all the info my teacher gave me and if you need help chat with me and I can try to forward links. I left an example as well.