Mental Illnesses in Frankenstein

Choose a major behavioral problem (even a mental illness) outlined by Shelley in Frankenstein
and in at least 2 of the other readings for this course. Using evidence these readings and at
least 3 outside experts, argue whether it is or is not really a problem. Be sure to have at
least three sources from the library. These are expert sources you will research through the
library that go beyond what we’ve read for the course. You will need at least 3 quotes from the
Frankenstein story, 3 from the other stories / readings, and at least 6 quotes from your
minimum of three outside sources. A good guideline to go by for this essay is to use an outside
quote any time you use a quote from Shelley / the other readings. That is, always use an
outside source to help you argue whether the behavior really is a problem or not.