Minamata Disease Disaster

Abstract (Page 2): Write about 250 words on an overview of the paper; this is written in past tense.
Introduction (Page 3): About a half page. What disaster did you choose to write
about? How does this disaster fit in the context of the world? Does history regard this as the greatest disaster of all time in the U.S. or elsewhere? What is its relevance to environmental health? Etc. Background: About 1 page. Set the stage for the environmental disaster. What region of the world did it take place? What year did
it occur? What season? Was it in a village, city, or rural area? Was this area low or high income? What was the demographic makeup? Etc.
Methods (Page 3): Less than half a page. This section needs to describe how you conducted your literature review. It needs to include keyword searches and
search engines used.
Discussion (Page 4, 5, 6): About 3 pages. This is the main body of your paper.
Describe the disaster in detail. What was the problem? Who was involved? Did it
turn into a legal matter? Were any new environmental policies created as a
consequence? How many people were affected? Provide any information that you deem necessary or useful in telling this story. Be sure to identify the specific
chemical(s) involved in this disaster. What are they typically used for and
how/why were they involved in the disaster? How long have such chemicals been in use? What health effects were caused? Cite some studies that have investigated the health effects of such chemicals. Do these studies describe health effects
based off of lab tests with animals or do these studies involve people? What were the study findings? Include any graphs, maps, figures, or tables that would be useful in describing this event.
Conclusion (Page 6, 7): About a half page. Briefly conclude your paper by
restating the importance of this disaster in the context of environmental health and society. What lessons were learned from this disaster that could be applied to prevent it in the future?
References (Page 8): Must include 5-10 references. At least 4 of these references should be from peer-reviewed studies or analyses, which can be searched using
the Google Scholar search engine. For all other references, do NOT cite Wikipedia or similar websites. Stick to the most credible sources, including university and government websites (EPA, NIH, NIOSH, ATSDR, etc.).