Modern Marketing Research

Words: 448
Pages: 2
Subject: Premium Writing

Every marketer must be able to present their work well. Therefore, part of the evaluation will include the overall visual (or also layout) of the work, the use of academic resources (what are the books available in our library, as well as online resources available through our IS: Proquest, Proquest e-book and EBSCO), and understanding how to be a good and professional presenter. The thesis has two parts:
1. Body of the thesis – a set o basic research preparation related to your selected product from NA_PS1
2. Required attachments – pictures, tabs, graphs etc.
A) Theoretical part/ Introduction:
Reflection on modern marketing research. What is its role in modern marketing? Why is it / is not necessary? What are most common used forms of research ? What is the connection between modern marketing research and integrated marketing communication ?
At the end of the reflection, including the company’s name, you will write the work. Please find out the full name, including status (ltd JSC, self-employed person, etc.).
The information you can find in the books in our IS e-liberaries EBSCO, PROQuest ebooks.
B) Practical part
Write parts 1 to 3 according to the structure described below.
1. Company name and description
Name of the selected company, description (size, approximate yearly turnover), type of the business. What is the philosophy of society? (5-6 sentences)
2. Product or service description – product description, its use, specific use, requirements to be fully utilized, product benefits, product weaknesses.
3. Core part – small research project preparation ( objective of research, research question, methodology, hypotheses, sample of survey or interview questions …. All according course presentations, but only if applicable, project must be feasible)
C) Conclusion
Just summarise the main goals or objective of your research preparation
2.2 Attachments (optional):
You can add some attachements as a picture, graph, video etc.
2.3 Format Students write work individually
Format: Calibri, font size 12.

The product is Nandos’s Peri Peri Sause. In PS1 the presentation was about bringing that sause into Czech Republic