Observation Report: Playground Analysis

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Child Development 10- Health, Safety, and Nutrition Assignment #3-Observation Report: Playground Analysis Assignment
NOTE: Due to CoVid 19 your best bet is going to a public park to analyze the safety of the outdoor equipment there as most preschool sites are currently closed. Even though the equipment may be closed to the public you can observe without testing out the equipment. If you work at a preschool/daycare site you may use your outdoor environment to complete this assignment.

You will be responsible for visiting a playground at a neighborhood park, preschool, or day care center, and you will use a playground maintenance checklist to analyze the environment for safety. You will submit the checklist and include a reflection that will address the following questions: Is the environment safe for young children? Are there any pieces of equipment that are designed and safe enough for the very young? Are their swings constructed appropriately for safety? Are there fences surrounding the area? Is all of the equipment in working order or is it “run down and out of commission”? Are there any small slides? Is there a sandbox area? Would you recommend that children play there (POST COVID 19 CLOSURES)?

You are to analyze and evaluate the safety of playground equipment at a park, playground, or school. Your analysis should cover the following.

Site – physical location – provide name and address of site
Structures – playground equipment Materials – what equipment is made of Design – layout
Ground Surface
Potential Risks of the different areas

PICTURES are helpful to get your message across regarding your analysis and, in particular, your concerns about the safety of the playground. Try to include at least three pictures of the playground you are analyzing.

Your reflection should use the format given below:


Introduction, which:

Gives the background (why is it necessary to analyze and evaluate the playground) Explains the purpose, scope and methods used (observations), Outlines the terms of reference (safety requirements). Use textbook to cite your sources – this info is what you have learned from our course not opinions.


The body, which: covers the work done (photographs) and what you found (positives and negative issues).
references the finding from the playground maintenance checklist, uses each of the headings above to describe and analyzes the safety of the equipment.

SEE THE ATTACHED CHECKLIST and RUBRIC: Playground Analysis Assignment.doc. Download Playground Analysis Assignment.doc.

On the checklist itself, you must have at least 10 descriptive sentences that describe what you are seeing.


Recommendations describe and evaluate improvements to the equipment to make it as safe as possible. i.e.: gives solutions to problems, suggests possible courses of action as a result of the conclusion. You should include CoVid 19 considerations as outlined by Public Health Agencies like the CDC.


✓ who should take the action
✓ what should be done
✓ when and how it should be done

Please see attachment and follow templet for report.